Ostrea Bird Grit

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Ostrea Mixed Bird Grit has been specifically formulated for small birds to keep them in top condition.

A Graded 2-5mm, it contains flint for effective digestion and better absorption of nutrients, oystershells as a source of slow-release calcium for stronger bones and good egg shell formation, redstone for minerals and trace elements and purified charcoal as a digestive aid and to absorb toxins in the intestines.

It is produced under strict conditions and does not contain artificial colours or flavours.

This is a mixture of graded ingredients necessary to keep all types of birds in top condition:

Insoluble grit acts as a grinding agent in the gizzard to enable complete digestion of food.

Soluble calcium grit ensures a high content of calcium which is essential for healthy birds and to ensure strong shelled eggs.

Charcoal is added for sweetening of the crop.

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