F & T Lamb & Rice Adult Skinners

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Skinner’s Field & Trial Lamb and Rice is a complete working dog food. This dry food recipe has been developed and formulated to support active dogs who are regularly working at a moderate activity intensity. Skinner’s Field & Trial Lamb and Rice has been carefully developed to include a protein level of 21% and a fat level of 12% to support the energetic requirements of a range of active dogs, such as working gundogs, agility dogs and active pet dogs. With protein being provided from digestible, free range lamb, to support muscle integrity and development, and fat to support moderate performance output, Skinner’s Field & Trial Lamb and Rice is an ideal choice for a range of dogs.

These factors, along with rice supplying digestible carbohydrate as an energy source, means that Skinner’s Field & Trial Lamb and Rice constitutes a diet to support the day-to-day requirements of active dogs.

Has the recipe changed?

  • Barley has been replaced by naked oats. This is to keep consistent across our sensitive range, as the other sensitive diets use naked oats.
  • The protein level has increased slightly, as we have increased the meat meal.
  • We have added benefits for joint, heart and digestive health.

15kg bag

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Our food can benefit your dog in a number of ways, including:
Maintain healthy teeth and bones
Helps improve stamina
Helps maintain a healthy coat
Maintains strong muscles