Baillie HAYLAGE (RED) High Fibre 20kg

(VAT Free)
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20 kg
This medium to low energy haylage is high in dry matter and fibre, but lower in sugar and energy (calories) compared to our Ryegrass and Ryegrass & Timothy varieties.

With more stem than our other lower energy forages (Traditional Parkland Meadow and Meadow Grass) the Baillie Haylage High Fibre is an excellent, all-round forage. Cut later in the season from second and third year leys, this late heading perennial ryegrass is a versatile forage suitable for most, including:

  • Horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work
  • Competition horses, many of our professional customers like to feed Baillie Haylage High Fibre as a quality forage and supplement the energy requirements with hard feed.
  • Good doers
  • Broodmares
  • Native breeds
  • Some laminitics

It is essential that horses and ponies digest the appropriate amount of fibre according to their size, workload and living conditions to maintain good gut health. Feeding Baillie Haylage High Fibre is an excellent way to maintain a horses natural grazing behaviour by trickling fibre into a horse’s diet and can help to reduce the reliance on hard feed.

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